He went out the mountain to pray… Luke 6:12


Nevada desert sunset, Kamma MountainsI adore solitude, space, beauty and silence and am eager to venture far to find them.  It is there that my faith in God renews.  –Vivian Vedder

Favorite place: Nevada desert

What I can’t resist: my husband’s trail coffee


Interests: photography, travel, writing, camping, desert exploration, navigation and survival


Favorite books:

    • Where I Was From: Joan Didion’s epic dysmorphic context for modern California where I live;
    • Essays of E.B. WhiteE. B. White’s amusing accounts of life in Maine, where I grew up.

Plott Hound on Imlay Summit, NevadaMy Sympatico: 

      “Monk;” he wanders and ponders.

Painted Canyon in Nevada Desert