Faith, Prayer and Devotions


1)  I used to be a quiet prideful New Age queen searching for the meaning of life, certain that if I could find the right vehicle God would provide the answers through tarot, psychics, crystals. 

2)  Many years passed before, at the invitation of my husband prior to our marriage, I began to attend with him a small, humble evangelical church to hear the Word of God.

3)  Year after year I sat there each Sunday in a cold hard gray chair.

4)  Until I began to crave the Word of God and look forward to our weekly sermon.

5)  My husband, my son and I began to join hands and pray together before each meal.

6)  My husband and I began to read a chapter from the Bible each night.

7)  I began to seek through prayer, God’s will for my life.

8)  I stopped trying to “figure things out.”

9)  It wasn’t as easy as it sounds. 

10)  Sometimes I still try to “figure things out”  but God is merciful and guides me back to prayer.

11)  I am filled with faith, God graces my life daily, and our church just bought soft new red chairs.

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