Raven’s Bread Ministries Fill a Delicate Role

Wildflowers in Tahoe National Forest

Recently I was alerted to the services of Raven’s Bread Ministries which provide inspiration to hermits and, perhaps somewhat ironically, an important sense of connectedness.  I am called to the solitary life to which Raven’s Bread attends; my husband is similarly inclined.  Because we don’t socialize much we are sometimes cast as indifferent–even within our church, a relationship to which we are deeply devoted through prayer.  We are blessed in our church to have a pastor who teaches at Bethany University and teaches the Word of God with pure intent, an associate pastor whose counseling has shaped our family, a choir member who fills God’s house with soul and  a staff member who delivers healing hugs.  After each Sunday morning service we do fellowship with these a few other members of our congregation but seldom feel called to linger long.  It saddens me that we and others like us are therefore perceived [by some] as uncaring.and I wonder if society has become so homogenzied that it inevitably pathologizes all those that don’t fit the mold.  I liken the matter to the issue of breakfast.  The FDA considers breakfast the most important meal of the day yet oatmeal, eggs or toast in the morning make me sleepy.  Instead, dinner is a crucial meal for me, sustaining me through the evening and much of the following day.  Yet if I were among the world’s starving populations, any meal would be most important: a potato peel.  Elijah’s most important meals were raven’s meat and bread.  Raven’s Bread Ministries welcome for devotions, all those on the shared journey of bringing Glory to God.

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