Not the Desert

California Central Coast 

Feral barn, tame field, full moon rising on sourgrass.  When my husband and I are unable to travel to the northern Nevada Desert, we resort to local sights–yet something is amiss.  The Central California Coast is gentrified while the northern Nevada Desert is desolate, harsh, starkly beautiful.  In the Nevada high desert we can drive all day and see no one.  In Pershing County, Nevada, the average population per square mile is: one.  Most of Pershing County is devoid of people and even in towns and cities, there is room to breathe.  

Although these photographs are not peopled, not one was taken without a soul in sight.  California is crowded: when I was standing on the bank overlooking the Pacific, shooting the sunset below, three photographers elbowed me.

California is the place where I live, a pretty place; but my heart belongs to the desert.


An old barn



Moon Rise on the California Central Coast

Setting Sun Illuminates a LIghthouse on the California Central Coast

Sunset in Northern California

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