Today I Must Confess


Today is my husband’s birthday; I will give him a gift he has requested.  More than a year ago I recounted in Where God Takes Me that he nearly died of a rare genetic disease but was spared when, after months of searching, we found a specialist.  The specialist prescribed a daily little red pill that is, by all appearances, what stands between my husband and a quick demise.

My husband seems to be thriving.  He is thrilled and has urged me repeatedly to inform readers of this dramatic change; yet I have been reticent.  After long reflection, I confess that it was superstition which restrained me; the fear in my feeble heart that if I related the story of my husband’s improvement, I might somehow jinx it.  After all, so many complications could still occur.  Of course my twisted thinking defied the Laws of God; as only God will determine my husband’s destiny.

At the crux of my very human fear was having to acknowledge the possibility of losing my husband: a true and steadfast man, devoted to God and family; a strong, kind, amusing, diligent man–a cherished companion.  By the grace of God, he is here today.

Happy Birthday, my love, and may God’s Blessings always shine upon you.

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