Rye Patch Reservoir: Quiet Mood

Rye Patch Reservoir, Pershing County, Nevada

My husband and I are frugal, utilitarian travelers seeking humble destinations that others often elude.  So while most visitors to Rye Patch Reservoir enter the State Park where amenities such as improved camping, picnic tables and showers are plenty, my husband and I skirt the east end of the reservoir to find secluded spots where we can reflect and enjoy a quiet afternoon.

The Nevada High Desert is as unpretentious and enchanting as any place on earth.  Although it lacks the architectural spectacle so seductive in our southwest deserts, a willingness to set aside preconceptions and patiently observe silence and moods that drift across the sky will be rewarded.

Every desert traveler dreams of an oasis.  When we first began exploring the Imlay area a couple of years ago. the east end of Rye Patch Reservoir had dried up from a protracted drought.  Last year’s rains replenished its water levels but this year’s moderate rainfall could foretell a reversal.  It’s best to herald it while it’s here.

5 thoughts on “Rye Patch Reservoir: Quiet Mood

      • Yes, actually two. We are enthralled with Lake Tahoe and Yosemite National Park. We never tire of exploring the primitive areas of these places as well as the frequently visited venues.

      • Both beautiful places! Are you by chance familiar with Bear Valley Campground in the Tahoe National Forest? It is one of our favorite places to camp in the Tahoe area. Serene and very remote, as Tahoe campgrounds go. We sometimes camp there on our way to the Nevada Desert. Do you have a favorite place to camp in that region?

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