Nevada Desert Blues: Portrait of Devotion

German Short-Haired Pointer and his owner in the Nevada DesertThe light was finicky during our recent excursion to the Nevada desert and I confess that I concentrated less than usual on my photographic endeavors due to our rigorous schedule and the brevity of our stay.  Despite the light’s adversity, I was able to select from among the photographs I took, a definite favorite, the hallmark of our journey.

Although the figures on the horizon in this picture appear to be posing, the moment actually occurred spontaneously during my evening walk with my husband.  Our dogs were running freely, circling past us from time to time as they are given to do.  Shortly before sunset, Choko, our German Short-Haired Pointer paused to gaze up at my husband who stopped to return the gaze before the Pointer resumed his run.  The photograph captures the intimacy of their relationship: in this vast and sometimes empty world, they are filled with devotion for one another.

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