Nevada Desert: Twilight in Summer

Sunset in the Nevada Desert

The Nevada desert is lovely in summer, the sunsets delicate, the twilight hours long and leisurely.  Although those evenings seem as if they could last forever, we must elude those illusions.

In this photograph, the Humboldt Range appears dwarfed but in reality it is taller than most in the region and produces a number of watersheds which benefit the fauna, flora and some small communities.

18 thoughts on “Nevada Desert: Twilight in Summer

    • Thank you very much. It is just so amazing how fluid the land/sky scape is in the desert at times. I can shoot the same viiew in different seasons and times of day and produce very different results.

      Artistic space is a beautiful place in which to commune with God:)

    • Dear Susanne, Thank you so much for your note! I am delighted that you enjoy the photos. It is such a pleasure to be following your blog. When I view your work, I feel as if I am visiting am important museum. Warm regards, Vivian

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