Too Hot to Moo-ve

Cattle in Nevada

It was 101 degrees in the Nevada desert on the afternoon that I took this photograph and not surprisingly this grazing cow showed no interest in moving when I approached.  The northern Nevada desert typically does not sustain long-term extreme high temperatures but this year’s drought has altered the norm.

7 thoughts on “Too Hot to Moo-ve

  1. I love your photo!!! That is so hot!!! Here in Minnesota it doesn’t usually get to 100, thank goodness! I did live in Arizona for a couple of years and while I was there it broke a record at 123 degrees. It was terrible!

    • Thank you! (Oh, Arizona, so you know what hot is like!) It was really hot that day, in fact, too hot for me and the heat usually does not bother me. I think that because of the drought the ground is storing and emitting a tremendous amount of heat. I really did feel for the livestock.

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