Five Resting Places

Truckers at Rest in the Nevada Desert

God has given me five resting places.  Two of them–my marriage and the Nevada desert–appear regularly in Where God Takes Me.  A third resting place is writing.

Writing, like silence, fosters contemplation.  This was the position an editor took when defending Thomas Merton’s penning of “Seven Storey Mountain: An Autobiography of Faith” to an angry reader.  The reader contended that, by writing the book, Merton broke his vow of silence..

Silence is another of my resting places.  In silence all that is insignificant withers and drifts.  That which remains emerges is in bas relief.  The process of examining those remains can be quite intimate.  Whether it is devotional is a question of intent.

My overarching goal when I am wriring is to give glory to God.  In the process, I often feel that God slips in with designs on my work.  Then writing becomes a form of prayer.

Praryer is my fifth and final resting place.

19 thoughts on “Five Resting Places

  1. I absolutely loved your resting places…I do feel the touch of the Divine when I read your writings and gaze at your photos. I deeply believe that when a person dies to herself, God does indeed becomes alive in her work. Thank you Viv and my heart is blessed. Sharon

    • Hi Sharon,
      If I were taking a class, you are the person next to whom I would want to sit. It is delightful to be in the company of a contemplative pilgrim. I adore your blog, it is a virtual sanctuary. Blessings, Vivian

      • My dear Vivian, that was one of the nicest thing to say and evoked such warm memories of shared thoughts and friendships forged in a class! I too would love to sit down and study and learn with you. Thank you for such kindness – it’s been an absolute pleasure getting to know you…Hugs, Sharon

  2. God has given me five resting places. Two of them–my marriage and the Nevada desert–appear regularly in Where God Takes Me. I Love your statement and your lovely pictures. I’ve started paying for my 40 acres with Mark . The location, Kyle Hot Spring Rd, Pershing NV.

      • Hi Vivian,

        My realtor is Mark. He is a nice and competent person and have good experience with him.

        Mark J. Podolsky Frontier Equity Properties, LLC Principal 14632 N. Frank Lloyd Wright Blvd Ste. 1000 Scottsdale, AZ 85260 Phone: 1-800-428-3760 / 480-586-6688 Fax: (888) 838-5620

        Your new friend here in Philadelphia, Pa


        On Sat, Sep 22, 2012 at 12:59 PM, Where God Takes Me wrote:

        > ** > Where God Takes Me commented: “Congratulations. If you don’t mind me > asking, who was your realtor and did you have a good experiecne with him or > her? Thanks, Vivian”

      • Hi Vivian, I am excited to see Kyle Hot Spring. My 40acres is close to that place. Lot 3 and lot 7 are open.Maybe someday, you or your friends will be my next neighbor. After i develop the land, here are the street names, Harmony St, Prosperity St , Abundance St, Peace St, Sylvester St,Mark St,Vivian St, Kindness St

        My target..move out of Philadelphia, Pa


        i copy your blog… After leaving Unionville we drove to* Kyles Hot Springs* for a leisurely soak. Im always a little incredulous when we arrive at Kyles Hot Springs. its ahhh and its free. The hot springs are not staffed but the pools are clean and well-maintained. Its virtually privateonly once have we arrived to find someone else thereand has 360-degree views of the Nevada desert. The steamy soothing mineral waters are a perfect place to begin or end a vacation.

    • It was so nice of you to stop by and leave me such a lovely comment. I do enjoy photography as an adjunct to writing. Meditating on a photograph seems to ease surrender of the self in writing. It is delightful to hunker in that rich and tender world.

      • thanks a lot for your nice response. you are right about meditating on a photograph and writing as well. they both transport me into another level of awareness, into a world within a world.

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