Where a Desert Road Leads…

Nevada Desert Road I am often fascinated by the process of reflecting on and writing about my Nevada desert experiences.  My husband and I have shared some remarkable times in the Nevada desert, most unforgettable, many adored.  Then again, memory is pliable.  It can be prodded and prompted.  It can be drawn across a framework of facts: tugged, fitted and pinned.  Or stretched so thinly that reality tears, leaving a scant remnant of actual events, compelling us to weave a past from imagination and longing or–if we are content to linger in memory and contemplation–mysteries of God.

“…I look back now and derive as much or more from the memory as I did from the actuality.” -Ansel Adams: Letters and Images 1916-1984  Edited by Mary Street Alinder and Andrea Gray Stillman

31 thoughts on “Where a Desert Road Leads…

  1. And now that I have just found you, it appears that our journeys are taking different roads. My favourite quote for the journey ahead is by Robert Louis Stevenson: “For my part, I travel not to go anywhere, but to go. I travel for travel’s sake. The great affair is to move.” I wish you all the very best…

    • Thank you so much for your comment. I took this photo one day in July when there were several wildfires burning nearby; hence that hazy ambiguity at the horizon.

      I’m leaving for the desert tomorrow and won’t be blogging for a while. Nice to meet you. Hope we can reconnect next year. Warm regards, Vivian

  2. I wish you a good time and always good remembers about your time spend on trails and travelling. Thank you for sharing this with us. Good bless .

    • You are so kind to write to me. I’m sorry for the long delay in responding. I have just returned from the Nevada desert and many beatiful experiences there, some of which I will share on my blog next year. With warm regards and many thanks for your kindness, Vivian

  3. Dearest Vivian,
    Happy Thanksgiving! You have been in my thoughts and I send you warm blessings each time I think of you. I apologise for coming over here late. I just want to wish you a meaningful time of rest during the holiday season. I too shall be taking a break over the new year. Till then, be well my friend on the journey. I wonder where God will take us next year! Places still to go, friends yet to make. I count you as a blessing. Much love, Sharon

    • My dear Sharon, Thank you for your kind note and your wishes for a Happy Thanksgiving! You are not late, your timing is ever perfect and a note from you always warms my heart. I have just returned from the Nevada desert and am feeing refreshed. Much to my surprise writing the piece about family suicides brought up a number of feelings which threatened to overwhelm me–the desert is always the perfect serum. I know that you understand.

      I reflected on many things during my desert travels, including the blessings with which God has graced me this year, among them your friendship. May your holidays be blessed and peaceful and may your heart know the joy that you bring to all of us.

      God willing I will return to the desert soon but I will savor some time on your site before I go. With love and deep affection, Vivian

  4. Welcome! Thank you for subscribing to follow my blog. I hope you are encouraged, inspired and enjoy the photos I take of life’s events as seen through the lens of my camera.

  5. Vivian, I’m going to miss your Blogs, as I’m still following along and reliving my memories thru your eyes. Thank you, thank you for those eyes!

    Sincerely, Michele

    • Dear Michele, I am so delighted to hear from you. I’m actually planning to continue with the blog–we were going to be taking an extended trip to the desert but it did not work out. I think that we will be taking a short trip in the late winter or spring.

      I hope you’ve had a chance to visit your post and see how many people have been touched by your comments. Readers from around the world have enjoyed your story! The last woman who wrote me is living in Ecaudor and before that, Romania.

      The story just wouldn’t be the same without your beautiful memories so I am grateful to you for sharing them and making this such a memorable contribution to the blog.


  6. You’ve made my decision easier on my desire to also explore the desert hills, plains, valleys and canyons of Nevada’ I’m retiring in 5 months and then from the back of my KLR 650 I plan on heading south out of Idaho to Las Vegas. Las Vegas will only be my base camp. The Nevada desert will be my home. Maybe we’ll run across each someday. Thanks for increasing my desire that these next four and a half months past quickly.

    • Hi Ray Sounds like a plan, the Nevada desert is gorgeous. It gets cold in the desert at night even down around Vegas. Are you planning to hitch a trailer to the bike? Glad you enjoyed the site. Happy trails! Vivian

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