Nevada Desert Blues: Desert Road

Nevada Desert Road with Cow

I’m delighted to share (in this and coming posts) a few recent photographs which capture the late fall mood and light of the desert during a period I refer to as the Nevada Desert Blues, when the sky displays an array of pearlescent blues and grays.

This shot of a desert road was taken on the way to Kyle’s Hot Springs when we detoured to explore.  We never made it to the hot springs but in the true spirit of desert travel, we discovered some beautiful views.

18 thoughts on “Nevada Desert Blues: Desert Road

  1. I’m sorry you’ve had to cut short your time in Nevada Vivian. I love your pictures from the desert. This is an amazing photo. I don’t know why but I immediately thought of the Beetles Abbey Road album cover when I saw this. The four of them crossing the street on a zebra crossing in north London. This young calf seemed to be doing its own impression. Smashing capture! 🙂

    • Dear Chillbrook, It was disappointing that we had to cut short our journey but we are hoping to be able to return early next year. I’m absolutely delighted that you enjoy the photos. And I’m enjoying a good laugh at your Beetles reference. Thanks so much for writing. Love, Vivian

    • Hi Roberta, Thank you, this was a peaceful scene and I cherish the memory of it. I’m glad I was able to capture it in a way that conveys the length of that road and the vastness of the open range. As always, I am delighted to hear from you. xx Viv

    • Isn’t he a darling calf? And he was completely alone, there were no others even outside the framework of the photo. I am delighted that you enjoyed the photo and as always, waking up and find a note from you begins my day with a smile. xo Viv

  2. Dear Vivian, that’s such a lovely picture… wonderful! Thank you for sharing such a beautiful image!
    Have a nice weekend! 🙂

      • Hi, dear Vivian, I was very busy with my job that’s why I am not blogging so often as I wish but I still take pictures whenever I get the chance 🙂 and then posting it on the blog, sharing with you, my dear friends. I love Nevada desert and your picture is absolutely great! Hope you are fine, wish you the best! 🙂
        Enjoy a beautiful weekend!
        Hugs, Cristina

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