Tahoe Portrait: Higher Ground

Portrait, Tahoe National Forest, 8000 ft. elevation

I’ve always thought that the best portraits result when the subject is unaware that he is being photographed.  Recently, using a telephoto lens, I was able to take such a photo of my husband.  He was perched on an isolated 8,000 foot ridge in the Tahoe National Forest, binoculars in hand, absorbed in the view.  (If his brow appears furrowed, it is because he is trying to determine if a white speck in the distance is Sardine Lookout–a tower miles away but at comparable elevation.  We visited Sardine Lookout earlier that day.)  In the background a bank of clouds lends an ethereal feeling to the image, while in the foreground course dry dirt and brown-edged leaves bring to mind a possible drought.  When I gaze at this portrait, it reminds me of everything I love about my husband and our travels together in the Tahoe National Forest.  It also transcends the personal and alerts me to how deeply I enjoy an elevated viewpoint.  Higher ground.  Lifting my eyes toward heaven.

19 thoughts on “Tahoe Portrait: Higher Ground

  1. When one is unaware, then the real personality is visible. Great shot, Viv.

    I want to let you know that this post did not show up on my Reader. This has been happening to quite a lot of blogs, including mine. I only saw it, because I now manually check the blogs I’m following every few days.

    • Thanks, Julie. 🙂

      And thanks for the FYI! I recently saw a complaint by a wordpress.org user that her posts weren’t showing up on the Reader but thought the problem was unique. I’ve signed up to receive emails when bloggers I’m following post but, given this new development, need to update my list.

    • Thank you for writing me such a nice note. Your kindness has brightened my day. I just visited your site and could see immediately that you and your family are light-filled and joyous. I loved your reflections on faith today and look forward to more. 🙂 Viv

    • I am delighted to receive this award from you. I love your blog, it continually amuses and amazes me with its intimacies and levity. Our sisterhood in Christ is a cherished bond.

      One day I will post again on my blog but for the most part right now, I am very busy with a different sort of life than is described here. When I look back on the years that my husband and I spent in joy, solitude and fellowship with God in the desert and other wildernesses, I feel that I have been blessed beyond imagination. In this other life I have much to learn and to attend to. Sometimes I miss the desert terribly. Some weeks I spend too many long hours on the computer. When that happens and I begin to feel oppressed or claustrophobic, I read your blog and laugh and smile. More than once, tears of joy have welled in my eyes.

      God bless you. Thank you for this award and for your friendship. 🙂 Viv

  2. What an awesome capture! loved it… you are so lucky to have such a wonderful partner who shares many interests with you. This indeed is a way to live- enjoying every bit of life with a wonderful partner for company! 🙂
    Please convey my regards to uncle.

  3. Thank you so much for making me a part of your wonderful family, dearest Viv. I feel so honored. This bond that we share is so strong, that the physical distance is of little relevance. My thanks & regards to uncle. By the way, I missed mentioning this in my previous comment- uncle looks so much like Hugh Grant is this pic… 🙂

    • Thank you so much for stopping by, Dave, I am delighted to meet you and that you enjoy the blog. Your photography is blissful, I was instantly transported to the wilderness and beyond. Will visit often. Happy trails! Warmly, Viv

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