A Perfect Moment in Unionville

Unionville, Nevada Homestead

Unionville, Nevada is a gift.  The moment of its arrival is always perfect.  In Unionville a vast silent beauty vanquishes my thoughts, my fears, my dreams.  But leaves behind a fantasy of living there.  My mind is too contrived to know what is good for me.  Those mountains, they evidence God’s mighty ways.  Standing before them I apprehend my smallness.  In submission, there is wisdom.  I feel blessed to experience it.

Tall trees flaunt medallion-gold leaves against a Spartan gray Humboldt Range.  The last time we were here, the few homesteads with sheep and cows were brown and barren.  The lush oasis that usually is Unionville–which amazes all who stumble upon it in the midst of this desert wilderness–had faded.  I peeked over a fence but saw no sign of Buena Vista Creek.

We drive slowly so as not to raise dust.  The car heater blows steadily.  I set aside my coffee and fumble for my camera.  If the Creek dried up permanently, would Unionville lose its allure?  It is, after all, already a ghost town.  It thrived until the silver ran out.

I open the door and step out.  The air is crisp and shimmering.  Before lifting the camera, I adjourn to the mainspring, the One that always replenishes.  And drink of the knowledge that there will be many more moments like this in Unionville.

40 thoughts on “A Perfect Moment in Unionville

  1. Your words have so much wisdom, couldn’t have agreed more! and this capture is so beautifully stunning, especially those mountains in the background, they look like mountains of platinum with their metallic sheen! This post brings to my mind this quote- ‘If God had wanted to be a big secret, He would not have created babbling brooks and whispering pines’. ~Robert Brault.

    • The world is brighter for you being here my dear. Thank you for your companionship on this journey, I’m delighted that you enjoyed this post. I know that God lives deeply in you and I am blessed to witness and cherish your beautiful heart.

  2. Vivian, you write beautifully, it’s as if I was there with you. And your photo is stunning, really beautiful and a great composition. 🙂

  3. Dear Vivian.
    Thank you for those beautiful pictures. I admire their quality.
    Would you be so kind to tell me which type/model camera and objective you use as I am looking to purchase a new equipment?
    Thanks and greetings from the alps.

    • Dear Ernestus, Welcome and thank you for your note. The camera I am using is known in the U.S. as the T3i, but I believe that in Europe it is called the 600D. I took these photos with a telephoto lens 75-300mm that I have been experimenting with on landscapes. Good luck with your shopping, I look forward to seeing your photos of the Alps! Vivian

      • Dear Vivian. Nachdem ich auf der Suche nach einer besseren Kamera war, habe ich mir die Canon 600D gekauft. Die ersten beiden Fotos habe ich in meinen Blog unter “Winterkalt in der Donau-Au” gestellt. Danke für deinen Tipp. Beste Grüße.
        After I was in search of a better camera, I bought the Canon 600D. I put in my blog under “winter cold in the Danube-Au” The first two photos. Thanks for your tip. Best Regards – Ernestus

      • Dear Ernestus, The photos in your blog under “Winter Cold…” are beautiful! Thank you so much for writing and telling me that you have purchased the 600D. I will forward to seeing more of your photos in the coming days. Warm regards, Vivian
        Die Bilder in Ihrem Blog unter “Winter kalt…” sind schön! Vielen Dank für das Schreiben und sagen mir, dass Sie die 600D gekauft haben. Sehen Sie mehr von Ihren Fotos in den kommenden Tagen wird weiterleiten Herzliche Grüße, Vivian

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