Today, a Miracle

Willow Creek Road

This year my husband and I have been focused on our family business.  It has resulted for us in less time traveling in the Nevada desert and we sometimes long for those opportunities to commune with Him in those vast and beautiful spaces.  But God has blessed our work here and we feel Him with us every step of the way.

This morning my husband experienced a miracle.  He woke up not feeling well.  He couldn’t take the day off because he was contracted to complete a job.  He was tired and achy driving to the job site so he prayed all the way there.  He pulled into the parking lot and got out of his van.  As he walked to the back of his van to pull out his equipment, he noticed something protruding from his wheel well.

“I don’t know how to explain this,” he said, “but I really wanted it to be a message from God.”

He knelt down and carefully extracted a piece of paper from the wheel well.  It read:

Fear not, for I am with you

Be not dismayed for I am your God

I will strengthen you, yes I will help you

I will hold you with my righteous right hand.  — Isaiah 41:10

Blessings to all of you and may you too hear from God today of the love He holds for you.

33 thoughts on “Today, a Miracle

    • Because my husband wasn’t feeling well today, I said a special prayer for him after he left for work. When he arrived at work, he called me to tell me of this miracle. It brought me to my knees. God is so good! Thank you for writing me such a nice note. And I’m delighted that you enjoyed the photograph!

  1. You know I love this so much. I believe it so much. we live each day miracle to miracle it’s just some people don’t take notice. God is so good. I have a few stories from this weekend. A check from the state arrived, filed in June but arrived just in time for us to pay our property tax in December. Other things too. It’s just so exciting to me. I loved this story so much.

    • I love your story too! And you are so right that God demonstrates to us every day His love for us through His grace and miracles. I love that you see that and continually testify in your blog. I think when we do that it helps others who are perhaps not noticing to share in our joy and perhaps begin to look with new eyes.

  2. Vivian, what a lovely story, but I don’t think it was a miracle. I think it was the natural and ongoing goodness of God shining forth as it always does. His abundant care is ever present so we should expect to see these kinds of healing blessings all the time. When we open our eyes and our hearts we see what God is already constantly pouring forth.

  3. Thanks for stopping by my site earlier! I appreciate the comment! (I think I have been following you for some time on my WordPress hosted site—long story short, I will be back to that format in a week or two).
    As to the previous comment about what is and isn’t a miracle, coincidentally, I just came from a philosophy class where we discussed the subject briefly. The fuller etymology of “miracle” is more or less “little marvels.” Unless we are in full union with God, which most Christians believe we are not, assuming we are talking about a Judeo-Christian God, these spurts of us witnessing or experiencing these moments of the “ongoing goodness of God” are more etymologically correct than whatever else was implied as a miracle. The act of “open[ing] our eyes and our hearts” is this witnessing. Like it or not, not everyone takes time to recognize daily blessings that are epistemologically miraculous.
    So rock on Vivian 😉

    • I value an etymological orientation in any discussion! “Small marvel” does seem to describe perfectly the sequence of events as they occurred this morning with my husband. And while I was not previously aware of that etymology when I employed the term “miracle,” I did think that small miracles are no less wondrous than those that might be considered by some, or in some ways, more significant or impactful. Every miracle, big or small, evidences God’s perfect grace, love and timing in ways that preclude coincidence or human hand. Thank you for writing Jack, I look forward to continuing this journey with you!

    • I too had chills when my husband told me about this…and it is so true that God gives each of us exactly what we need. This was a custom miracle. Thanks! I’m delighted that you enjoyed the photo, that gold in the Nevada desert was really spectacular last month.

  4. The Nevada desert seems so peaceful in its visual simplicity – loved the image (I think my soul let out a sigh!). How very true that some of us (me) tend to go thru life not seeing Gods’ hand in our daily lives unless it hits us in the head like a 2×4.

    • Hi Emilio,
      It is so nice to see you again! The Nevada desert is extraordinarily beautiful and a perfect place to wonder at the divinity of God’s creations. I’m delighted that this photograph brought you a moment of relief. Warm regards, Vivian

  5. This is an amazing story Vivian. Wow… So inspiring to think God can reach to us like that. The photo is breattaking ! Have a beautiful day 🙂

    • God’s love for each of us is so intimate! How grateful we were for this blessing, God’s love made manifest! Thank you for your kindness, I’m delighted that you enjoyed the photo! You have a wonderful day too, Jocelyne. 🙂

    • Hi Robyn, Thank you for visiting and for leaving me such a nice note! I’m so delighted that you were able to share in this story which so profoundly touched us. I’ve just popped over to your blog and it’s lovely. I look forward to following and being in touch. Kindly, Vivian

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