Secretly Yearning

Weimaraner Portrait, #1, Zso Zso Belle

Our dogs always have multiple nicknames, it just seems to evolve that way.  Last year we adopted “Zoey,” an enchanting, quick-witted Weimaraner.   “Zoey” seemed too simplistic a name for her so it morphed slightly to “Zoey Zoe.”  We added “Mojave” after learning that she had been rescued on the edge of the Mojave desert.

“Zoey Zoe Mojave” suits our Weimaraner (my husband calls her that)–but I’ve settled on “”Zso Zso Belle” because she excels at being a diva and her beauty–inner and outer–is mesmerizing.

Of late when I sit at my table working, Zso Zso (for short) climbs up on my chair and perches between my back and the chair’s.  After observing this a few times, I considered whether I could train her to sit for a portrait.  I’ve been reticent to try because of the stereotypes, due to Wegman’s work, of Weimaraners and portraits.  But Zso Zso loves a challenge and engages eagerly in training of all sorts.  So yesterday we held a little photo session and behold, she is secretly yearning to be a model.  She yielded several poses before reluctantly surrendering her spotlight.

This morning, as I worked quietly at my table, Zso Zso climbed onto the chair next to mine.

And sat and sat.

And waited and waited.

And regarded me beseechingly, “Where’s your camera?”

17 thoughts on “Secretly Yearning

  1. This is wonderful-and I hope you will continue to photograph this gorgeous girl-I particularly love that beautiful scarf she is wearing-very, diva-esque! It sounds like you have a dog that loves the camera-and that can be the beginning of a great relationship-

    • LOL, look what you’ve started! She absolutely adores being photographed. It has already deepened our relationship. She is so thrilled on those days when I pick up my camera for 15 minutes in the morning and make her the focus of my attention. 🙂

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