Mendocino National Forest

Mendocino National Forest 4

My husband and I recently attended a large group event in the Mendocino National Forest.  It was atypical of our usual activities and yet enjoyable, as the group was vivacious and eclectic.  One commonality among us was that as Land Rover owners, most have become Land Rover mechanics rather than succumb to the inevitably outlandish prices of service centers.

It was our first trip to the Mendocino National Forest and our impressions were diverse.  The Forest is highly regulated, due in large part to the number of interest groups vying for its use.  From the frequency and markings of usage trails, it is evident that the National Forest Service strives to allocate use fairly and accurately.  Such rigors make the Mendocino National Forest an ideal destination for families with young children who are seeking an outing with manageable risk.

To our delight, portions of the Mendocino National Forest were very different from other wilderness areas we have visited.  This photograph alludes to the steep terrain and beautiful vistas that captivated us and will undoubtedly garner our return.


18 thoughts on “Mendocino National Forest

    • The drought is ongoing so I would guess that the green we’re seeing is temporary, attributable to some –but not normal or needed–levels of rain. By contrast we additionally saw many acres of the Mendocino National Forest which were burned in the 2012 fire. They were sort of ethereal in the mist and also beautiful in their way.

    • Oh wonderful! Do you have a favorite road or trail? We stayed at Cedar Camp and explored the area around Letts Lake and Goat Mountain, as well as taking M5 to where it dumps out above Fouts Springs. That road is gorgeous and quite dramatic with its snaking sheer drops and recurring views.

  1. What an amazing forest. I did some research and found out that is the only national forest in the state of California without a major paved road entering it. It takes up a huge area!!! And you are right – this forest is controlled to ensure it will continue. Great post!

  2. absolutely beautiful photographs. my girls and i are super horse crazy these days. i wanted you to know that i posted a link to your blog from mine. hope that’s ok.

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