Five Resting Places

Truckers at Rest in the Nevada Desert

God has given me five resting places.  Two of them–my marriage and the Nevada desert–appear regularly in Where God Takes Me.  A third resting place is writing.

Writing, like silence, fosters contemplation.  This was the position an editor took when defending Thomas Merton’s penning of “Seven Storey Mountain: An Autobiography of Faith” to an angry reader.  The reader contended that, by writing the book, Merton broke his vow of silence..

Silence is another of my resting places.  In silence all that is insignificant withers and drifts.  That which remains emerges is in bas relief.  The process of examining those remains can be quite intimate.  Whether it is devotional is a question of intent.

My overarching goal when I am wriring is to give glory to God.  In the process, I often feel that God slips in with designs on my work.  Then writing becomes a form of prayer.

Praryer is my fifth and final resting place.