Eugene Mountains: Heaven and Earth

Nevada High Desert, Eugene Mountains, Sunrise

So often the plans God has for us are greater than anything we could imagine.  In the Nevada desert He shows me that again and again.

One morning I awoke and debated whether I had time for coffee.  I pulled up a corner of a curtain and peaked outside.  In the east a tiny patch of sky brightened just above the horizon.  I slid my bare feet into fleece-lined boots and slipped out the door.

At the fence line I photographed the sunrise–persimmon, lemon, pomegranate–colors that made me thirst for  something more nourishing than coffee.  But as beautiful as the colors were, competing black clouds prevented me from getting a clear shot.

Cold rain drops plopped onto my head, my shoulders, my fingers as I cupped my camera.  The neighbor’s fat white terrier appeared, sniffed at me from a distance and drifted.

I turned toward the Eugene Mountains and froze at the sight of pure gold light reflected in the clouds and on the mountain tops.  A rainbow arched across Antelope Plains, one end dipping into the Eugene’s.  Below, the freeway, an overpass, an exit.

Vision of heaven and earth.