Where Have all the Mustangs Gone?

Wild Horse in the Nevada Desert

It’s not too soon.

It’s not to soon to mourn the tens of thousands of wild horses that have died in round-ups, in captivity, in spirit or in flesh.  It’s not too soon to mourn those sold by the U.S. Bureau of Land Management to a known slaughter profiteer–and which have since vanished.  It’s not too soon to mourn mustangs scheduled to be rounded up,” zeroed out,” trucked to slaughter, held captive in spiritual and all too often physical distress.

Neither is it too soon to mourn for the BLM.

It’s not too soon to mourn the agency whose mishapen guardianship of our mustangs has resulted in this fact: that more of our wild horses reside in captivity than on the range—despite that there are hundreds of thousands of acres of federal lands available, where the horses have long thrived.

It’s not too soon to mourn the agency which, in response to wild horse activists’ concerns, now profers a plan to establish “ecosanctuaries:” designated zones where non-reproducing herds, (herds rendered sterile by the BLM,) will iive on display to a paying public, a public which, in the minds of the BLM, will embrace the opportunity to view the last days in the history of these magnificent animals.

It is not too soon.